AGM 2016

AGM 2016



Arbutus Club

2001 Nanton Ave.

May 25, 2016 7:00 pm

Chair: Afton Cayford

Secretary: Marion Boyle

Afton called the meeting to order. He welcomed the speakers, guests and committee.

  1. Approval of the Agenda: Moved by Ron, seconded by Diane Mitchell the agenda for May 25, 2016 was approved. Carried.
  2. Approval of the Minutes for AGM 2015: Moved by Marion, seconded by Bill Haberl the minutes were approved. Carried.
  3. President’s Report: Afton
    1. This past year ARCA has been a contact for the community. With our seasonal Newsletters we have advised everyone about developments in the area.
    2. We have a representative to ARKS and a second representative to our umbrella group, the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods, (CVN)
    3. We have attempted to inform the community about the recently acquired Arbutus Corridor by the City.
    4. With regard to the Arbutus Mall, it has been our objective to inform everyone about the redevelopment.
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Marie

Moved by Marie, seconded by Ron Pickerill the Treasurer’s report as summarized on the information booklet be approved. Carried.

  1. Report on the Coalition: Dorothy Barkley, co-chair of the Coalition
    1. Ms. Barkley asked the audience if they were satisfied with the City’s consultations with the neighbourhoods. – Not many.
    2. She then summarized the history of the Coalition and explained why it was formed.
    3. Grandview-Woodlands became unhappy with the authoritarian position of the city in their insistence of towers in their community.
    4. They joined other associations who were troubled with the same difficulties and a coalition of four neighbourhoods amalgamated. Now there are 26.
    5. The associations help one another – they want the city to listen. The object of the coalition is to create a new development and planning paradigm that will stress community involvement and local influence over land-use and zoning decisions.
    6. Afton thanked Ms Barkley and presented her with a small gift.
  2. Arbutus Corridor: Lon LaClaire, Director of Transportation for Vancouver.
    1. Mr. LaClaire gave a brief summary of the Arbutus Corridor, owned by the CPR, it’s origin and subsequent sale to the city.
    2. The railline runs 9 kilometers from False Creek to Marpole. The corridor has little slope from the city centre to Steveston.
    3. The trains stopped running in 2001.
    4. For many years there was an acrimonious relationship between CPR and the City.
    5. Finally in January 2016 there was a settlement when the City bought the corridor for 55 million.
    6. The city has set up an Arbutus Greenway Project Office and hired five staff to plan the design for the Greenway ( walking and cycling) with reserve space for a future streetcar line.
    7. CPR is responsible for removing the rails and ties. This work may be completed by August, 2016. New tracks will have to be installed for the streetcars.
    8. The city is responsible for tracks which cross main intersections. These can be easily removed so there would be little interference with traffic flow.
    9. Lands not needed for transportation corridor, if any (“Excess Lands”) may be repurposed for other uses, or sold. If these lands are sold, City to share a portion of revenues with CPR.
    10. The present plan is that the city will begin work in one and one half years.
    11. Afton thanked Mr. LaClaire and presented him with a small gift.
  3. Arbutus Mall Redevelopment – Marie:
    1. Art Phillips emailed ARCA informing us that there has been a change of plan for the redevelopment.
    2. Two buildings (Block A and block B) will be constructed at the same time. However there is no permit granted yet. Also there will have to be a public hearing.
    3. Safeway will be closing, the bank and pharmacy will be staying.
    4. Yew Street will be opened
    5. Dance Studio, Liquor Store and Mogi will stay.
    6. A grocery store and a restaurant will be located in Block ‘A’.
    7. More work needed in testing water levels.
  4. Nominations for Executive for 2016-2017 – Doreen- Past President
    1. Doreen submitted the names of the Executive for 2016-17
    2. Below is the list of positions held in 2015-16
      1. Marion Boyle, Secretary
      2. Afton Cayford, President
      3. Marie Clarke, Treasurer and Membership
      4. Mary Lou Galbraith
      5. Bill Haberl, Vice President and Membership promotion
      6. Stan Locke,
      7. Bill Marler, Assistant Newsletter Distributor
      8. Walter Maughan,
      9. Michelle Men, Mandarin Translator
      10. Ron Pickerill, Vice President and Newsletter Distributor
      11. Illian Zhang, Student Representative and Twitter Manager
    3. Doreen requested nominations for the executive from the floor – no response.
    4. Moved by Ron Pickerill, seconded by Gay Kuchta the nominations were accepted. Carried.
    5. Bill Haberl on behalf of the committee thanked Afton and Doreen for their efforts of the past year.
  5. The meeting was adjourned.