AGM 2015

AGM 2015

ARCA Annual General Meeting

Arbutus Club

2001 Nanton Ave.

7:00 pm Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Chair: Afton Cayford

Recorder: Judy Gordon

  1. Afton called the meeting to order. He welcomed the speakers, guests and committee.
  2. Adoption of the Agenda for June 3, 2015. Moved by Afton, seconded by Judy Gordon, the adoption of the Agenda was approved. Carried.
  3. Adoption of the Minutes of AGM of June 4, 2014. Moved by Afton, seconded by Bill Haberl the adoption of the minutes of AGM June 4, 2014 was approved. Carried.
  4. President’s Report – Afton
    1. ARCA has been active with other groups. We are a member of the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods. We exchange information at meetings and ask other groups for advice and help.
    2. Arbutus Corridor – CPR has been clearing and cleaning the rails. A letter to the neighbours stated that trains would be on track by now but so far, no trains.
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Marie

Moved by Marie, seconded by Jim McCardle the Treasurer’s Report as summarized on the information sheet be adopted. Carried.

  1. Dick Ballard, Chair of ARKS Arbutus Redevelopment Committee
    1. Larco has applied to the City of Vancouver for permission to develop first phase of the larger Arbutus Mall redevelopment at the NE corner of the property also known as ‘Block A’
    2. Arbutus Village development 4188 Yew ‘Open House’ will be held Thursday, June 25, 2015 at the Hellenic Centre.
    3. The rezoning application was approved by City council on July 13, 2011
    4. The Development Permit Board meeting for approval of this application is scheduled for September 8, 2015.
    5. Height and built form is now set but outside cladding or exteriors are yet to be decided.
    6. ‘Block A’ will have 215 residential rental units on seven floors (100 below market rental – 50 for Seniors, 50 for non-market rental, 115 market rental).
    7. The mixed use building comprises office space, restaurant, grocery store and a below grade self-storage facility . Also 374 underground parking spaces on four levels accessed off of proposed Yew Street extension.
    8. City wants to get rid of suburban malls.
    9. There are fewer parking spaces on the street. There will be 500 condos in entire project.
    10. The Seniors Centre is relocated to a different portion of the development.
    11. Afton thanked Dick. He was presented with a small gift.
  1. Penny Noble – Heritage Vancouver Society Director
    1. Heritage Vancouver Society is a not-for-profit organization comprised of an advocacy group of volunteers. A fundraiser for Heritage Vancouver will be held June 27 and 28, 2015, a self-guided tour of private gardens. Tickets are $35.00 in garden centres retail locations.
    2. Heritage Action Plan
      1. In response to significant public pressure to stem the tide of heritage and character home demolitions, the City of Vancouver’s review and update of its Heritage Conservation Program is underway and due to conclude in late 2015
      2. The Heritage Action Plan was approved by Vancouver City Council in December 2013.
      3. Conversations on Heritage Action Plan seek public input and recommendations can be made to Council.
      4. Key areas for action and implementation:
        1. Heritage Conservation Program review
        2. Heritage Register upgrade – Heritage Register was relaunched May 23, 2015 with a deadline to register by Sept. 14,2015.. Anyone can nominate a heritage house, streets of heritage houses, and/or public buildings, even schools. If a property is declared ‘heritage’ its value will not go down.
        3. Character home zoning review – in discretionary Zones (RS5, RS3, RS 3A) the review will explore ways to encourage retention of Character Homes; Over half of homes built before 1940 are heritage homes. For more information go to action plan
        4. Sustainability Initiatives
        5. Awareness and advocacy initiatives.
    3. A one year moratorium on the demolition of pre-1940 homes in the First Shaughnessy District was enacted by by-law on June 14, 2014. Though demolitions are prohibited during this time, retention and rehabilitation proposals continue to be permitted. The City intends to complete its full review of the Heritage Conservation Program before the moratorium expires in June 2015.
    4. Afton thanked Penny. She was presented with a small gift.
  1. Hans Finken – Arbutus Greenway Society

Hans is concerned about CPR’s action on the Corridor. He feels the corridor could be a great greenway for the City. He urged the audience to write a letter to the Editor objecting to CPR’s actions

Afton thanked Hans. He was presented with a small gift..

  1. Election of Executive for 2015-2916

Marion Boyle – Secretary

Afton Cayford – President

Marie Clarke – Treasurer and Membership

Bill Haberl – Membership

Michelle Men – Mandarin Translator

Mary Lou Galbraith – Newsletter

Ron Pickerill – Distributes hard copy

Bill Marler

Tamara McCardle –

  1. Recognition of Retiring Directors – none
  2. Other Business – none
  3. The meeting was adjourned.