News-Arbutus Mall-update Jan 11

The latest information is that Safeway will reduce to about 3,000 square feet in the area north of and including the Pharmacy. There will be diary and staples and there is a box near the Pharmacy in which you can put your requests for items to be provided.  This will begin on January 19 . The Bank of Montreal will remain open and the Liquor Store will remain open during construction.


Arbutus Corridor becomes a Greenway

The City of Vancouver has reached an agreement with Canadian Pacific Railway that will transform a contentious stretch of land into a green space.

Under the deal, the city will purchase the railway route from CP for $55 million. The stretch of land runs for nine kilometres from Milton Street to First Avenue.

Mayor Gregor Robertson made the announcement today along with Keith Creel, president and chief operating officer of CP Railway Ltd.

We have a wonderful suggestion that was sent in by Doreen Braverman. We would welcome any comments that you send to us about this and the idea of making a formal proposal to the City of Vancouver.

In 1929, June 13th was declared Vancouver Day by the City Council.  June 13, 1792 was the date that Capt. Vancouver entered Burrard Inlet and on June 13, 1886 when most of Vancouver was destroyed by fire. We don’t have any official holidays in June although Flag Day is June 14th this year.
Vancouver Day was declared to be “in perpetuity” by mayor Louis Taylor but was not celebrated in the forties, during the war.
I have suggested to Council more than once that the special day should be recognized, not just for historic reasons but also for communities to celebrate.  We all have so much to be proud of! No complaining on June 13th

Arbutus Mall Relocations

Arbutus Jewellers 2589 W. 16th Avenue

Bullock’s Eye Opener 2827 Arbutus Street

The Designer’s Fit 4548 W. 10th Avenue

Insure BC Arbutus 2251 W. 41st Avenue

Purdy’s Chocolatier ?

Shefields’s, Dollarama, the coffee shop, and the Van Den Bosch Patisserie and Bakery are not relocating.

We Now Belong To The Coalition Of Vancouver Neighbourhoods. See Our Webpage Here.


ARCA* is part of ARKS – the City Plan for Arbutus Ridge/Kerrisdale/
Shaughnessy. The Plan was approved by City Council in 2005. The
City Plan included traffic and transportation, community safety and
services, residential areas, new housing, neighbourhood centres,
parts, streets, lanes and public places, the environment, community
involvement in decision making, and rezoning.

Map bounded by 16th, 41st, Railroad tracks, BalaclavaArbutus Ridge

The City is intent on making
massive changes to our area!

to ensure that we truly represent YOU
and your concerns. We need your
shoulder to the
ARCA wheel!

on ARCA’s Website
or e-mail
or phone
Membership Chair, Marie Clarke,

is a provincially registered non-profit society set up to represent
the wishes and concerns of residents and businesses in Arbutus Ridge.



Arbutus Ridge Community Association was formally registered as a society with the Province of British Columbia on October 13, 2011.

The purpose of registering ourselves as a society is to offer the residents, businesses and associations within Arbutus Ridge a responsible and democratic avenue to represent the needs and wishes of the community to the Council, Boards and Commission of the City of Vancouver.

ARCA is one part of ARKS – the City Plan for Arbutus Ridge/Kerrisdale/Shaughnessy. We have a role to play in contributing to that mandate which includes:

  • traffic and transportation
  • community safety and services
  • existing residential areas
  • new housing
  • neighbourhood centres
  • parks, streets, lanes and public places
  • the environment
  • community involvement and decision making
  • rezoning policy


To adequately fulfill our mandate, we need the involvement of residents, businesses and associations. There will be many community issues to understand and act upon in the coming years.


The first step to helping build a strong association is building membership. The fees are purposely low to attract as many members as possible. While we need the money for organization and communication, we are more interested in a long membership list and people of all ages and talents so we are truly representative of our community.


Fees are $10 per adult member

$20 per family

$ 5 per student

$30 per business

Of course, donations are always welcome!


Our post box is not yet open, so fees can be sent to ARCA Treasurer, Marie Clarke at 402-3905 Springtree Drive, Vancouver, V6L 3E2. If you have already paid for the 2011-2012 year, please disregard this request. If you are not sure about your membership status, contact Marie at 604-263-5086.


We will be doing a phone campaign for members in the New Year!


Our new web address is


Please get involved!


Afton Cayford, Chair